What is insurance? / Types of insurance?

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Hello friends, welcome to our new brand new blog post where we discuss what insurance is?  Different types of insurance.  So friends are talking about the insurance of our parents, cars, health, and more in our Daily Life.  That's why we have heard about insurance many times.

  When we move our parents to life insurance to us, if you have bought a car, they will call you car insurance, and if you have a home, they will tell you home insurance.

  Then what is insurance?  So in this post, I will clarify your doubts in simple language, what is insurance?  And what are the types of insurance?

  What is insurance?

  Insurance means that which insurance company gives you money in difficult times.  Difficult time means your big loss, diasis, accident, and death.

  Nobody can know anyone in this crowded world.  So in this manor, if you have insured your expensive things in the good manor.  So this will help you as a backup.

  Types of insurance?

  There are many types of insurance.  All insurance will help you in different ways.  So there are some important insurance.

  1.   Life insurance
  2.   Accident Insurance
  3.   health insurance.
  4.   vehicle insurance.
  5.   Home Insurance
  6.   travel insurance.
  7.   Faisal Insurance etc.

 Life insurance

  The life insurance insurance company is an agreement between the policy holder and an individual or the insurer.  Where a person promises to pay a certain amount in exchange for an insurance company when an insured person or insurer dies.

  Accident Insurance

  The policy of torture to accidental death in accidental insurance can be a policy, which, if an explanation for death, insurance pays zero to the accident.  This can be a limited type of life assurance, which is usually less expensive, or in some cases a new benefit is associated with the existing life assurance policy.

  health insurance.

  Health insurance is a type of insurance service, during which anyone will use their medical and surgical expenses.  Many types of financial institutions have completely different plans for them.
  Primarily, this helps the customer in payment of hospital admission, ambulance, medical care, surgery, medical bills etc. during the insurance accident or any malfunction.  In order to insist on these edges, only 1 and fully work needs to be done which is compatible with your financial benefit insurance.  The underwriter plays these responsibilities.  Ensure that the insurance plan periodically buys health checks.

  vehicle insurance.

  Auto insurance is actually a type of insurance used for vehicles.  Through a motor policy, you will be able to provide money and legal protection from the loss of natural accident or non-natural disasters.  In this way, the insurance company raises the responsibility of all types of expenditure on your auto accident.  At present, with the motor insurance, third party insurance (offset of any damage to the vehicle) has started to be done jointly.

  In the insurance of home insurance or home insurance, the policy is made to suit your house building's products and structures.  During this nondepository financial institution, each person carries expenses on the loss of home or home goods.

  Home Insurance

  This insurance works due to the collapse of the house, Associate in Nursing Accident, theft of things, Burning or other inconvenience, resulting in the loss of intact products within the house or house.

  So, for this post I hope you have knowledge about what insurance is?  Different types of insurance.  If you still have a problem or problem, you can comment below.
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